6 Things To Do Before You Hire A Realtor

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So, you decided it is time to sell your house and are ready to meet with a Realtor.  Hiring a Realtor is an important part of the process of selling your home and one of the biggest decisions you will make in the process.  Below are six tips to do before you sit down to interview or hire your real estate agent.

Check how much you owe on your mortgage.

6 Tips to do before you hire a real estate agent. or hire realtorMost likely you have a rough idea on how much is owed on your house, but before sitting down with an agent gather your loan documents and determine how much exactly is left on the mortgage.  Do you have a 2nd mortgage?  a Home Equity line of credit?  It is important that your agent knows how much is owed on your home so they can formulate the correct strategy in selling your house and estimate the net proceeds you can expect from the sale.

Are there any other liens or disputes?

Give some thought to whether there are any other liens on the property or if there have been any disputes related to the property.  Are there any tax issues?  Have you had any disputes with contractors?  Are you current with the Homeowners Association?  Has the property or has the development been involved in any lawsuits?  Most of the time, we can overcome these obstacles to selling the property, but they do require additional steps be taken, so it is always best to address them right at the start of the process.

Wait on making new improvements.

When thinking of selling your home, it is tempting to want to add value by doing small improvements in the hopes of adding value.  It is better to wait until speaking with your real estate agent before starting any DIY projects.  Your agent will have a good understanding of what features buyers are looking for and trending in your area, as well as what upgrades buyers are willing to pay a premium for.  The key to any improvements, is getting a return on that investment.  If your budget is limited, your agent can help guide you so that budget is well spent.  There is a tendency for sellers to go overboard, but they need to be careful that they are focused only on the necessary improvements and not making choices that are specific to their tastes.

Make a list of previous improvements and upgrades.

Go back and put down in writing all the improvements that you have made on the property or upgraded features of the house.  Not only will this help your real estate agent create descriptive text for the listing, but also will make sure that none of the features that add value to your home are overlooked.

What do you like about your house?

While you might want to sell today, there was a time when you chose to purchase the house.  What were the features played a role in that purchase decision?  What features have your enjoyed over the years?  Which features will you miss or hope to find in your new house?

Check your schedule.

Give some advance thought to your daily or weekly schedule.  Are there times when the house can not be shown?  Do you have pets that need to be removed from the property or penned prior to showings?  Do you have relatives visiting in the near future?  or perhaps going away on a vacation for a few weeks?  Make sure to discuss all of these with your realtor so they can formulate a plan for showing appointments, open houses and inspections.